Instructional Systems Specialist (12-Month Roster)

Internal Revenue Service | Palm Springs, CA

Posted Date 3/16/2023
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Vacancies will be filled in the following specialty areas:
Small Business Self Employed Operations Support, Operations Support, Human Capital

The following are the duties of this position at the full working level. If this vacancy includes more than one grade and you are selected at a lower grade level, you will have the opportunity to learn to perform these duties and receive training to help you grow in this position.
  • Formulates nationwide educational policy and innovative technology enabled learning programs, implements nationwide strategic programs and initiatives, and conducts research and development regarding emerging educational trends and developments for service-wide application for the Business Division.
  • Analyzes strategic business objectives of the division and recommends, formulates, and implements education policy and standards to meet long and short-range strategic business goals. Analysis includes impact on customers, other programs, support requirements, risk factors, costs, and available alternatives.
  • Serves as a consultant to executives and senior managers on nationwide strategic educational program needs that address human resource management issues affecting the accomplishment of strategic goals and objectives.
Federal experience is not required. The experience may have been gained in the public sector, private sector or Volunteer Service. One year of experience refers to full-time work; part-timework is considered on a prorated basis. To ensure full credit for your work experience, please indicate dates of employment by month/year, and indicate number of hours worked per week, on your resume.

You must meet the following requirements by the closing date of this announcement:

BASIC REQUIREMENTS All GRADES: A degree that included or was supplemented by at least 24 semester hours appropriate to the work of the position to be filled. The course work must have included study in at least four of the following five areas:
1. Learning theory, psychology of learning, educational psychology: Study of learning theories as they relate to the systematic design, development, and validation of instructional material.
2. Instructional design practices: Study of the principles and techniques used in designing training programs, developing design strategy and models, and applying design methods to the improvement of instructional effectiveness.
3. Educational evaluation: Study of the techniques for evaluating the effectiveness of instructional/educational programs, including developing written and performance tests and survey instruments, and determining reliability and validity of education instruments.
4. Instructional product development: Study of the techniques appropriate for developing training materials, including identifying learner characteristics, specifying objectives, applying training strategy, validating training materials, and evaluating training.
5. Computers in education and training: Study of the application of computers in education and training, including selecting appropriate computer software.


In addition to the basic requirements, you must have 1 year of specialized experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the GS-12 grade level in the Federal service. Specialized experience for this position includes: Experience that demonstrates knowledge of adult learning theories, practices, and techniques by performing reviews on education and training programs and assisting in recommending changes to improve the quality of programs or to keep them current. Experience with instructional strategies and methodologies for E-Learning/Learning Technology by planning and developing technology-based learning programs including course design and development, performing job analysis to determine the nature of the problem, research projects, and measures of internal and/or external customer satisfaction. Experience with learning solutions which includes the use of technology (e.g., Articulate, Captivate, or equivalent) to develop a wide range of training, performance support, and knowledge programs by developing system components including face to face, on-line help, and/or computer-based training. Experience developing questionnaires for collection that uses the data for constructing tests, to evaluate the results, and to use these findings to plan for and address new and/or modify existing programs. Experience assisting a senior team member on advising management on impact and preparing recommendations and verbal/ written communication skills sufficient to provide authoritative advice and assistance on difficult training and/or developmental course design improvements. improvements.

For more information on qualifications please refer to OPM's Qualifications Standards.

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