Imagery Analyst - Joint Ped Operations Division

Department of Homeland Security - Agency Wide | Riverside, CA

Posted Date 10/19/2022
Description This assignment is a 1-year reimbursable assignment (extendable up to 2 years by mutual agreement between agencies). Target audience is GS-13 or equivalent. High performing GS-12 or equivalent, with relevant experience, will be considered.

This position is with the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Intelligence (OI), National Border Security Intelligence Watch (NBSIW), Joint PED Operations Center (JPOC) Division, Washington, DC or Riverside, CA.The JPOC manages CBP's Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) activities, develops sound and robust intelligence exploitation policies, and provides multi-disciplined national technical means, commercial, and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) collection and analysis to CBP operational components. Ensures analysis, of National and commercial collection platforms, is focused on Priority Intelligence Requirements and Standing Information Needs to implement risk-informed intelligence driven operations against the highest threats. Provides tactical, operational, and strategic level support to CBP operational components to inform and enhance operational and resource allocation decision making.

The incumbent serves as an Intelligence Research Specialist, Imagery Analyst (IA), and Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the JPOC. The incumbent provides detailed analysis of National and Commercial Imagery on a broad range of issues in support of national security objectives related to anti-terrorism, terrorists' organizations and groups, weapons of mass destruction, alien, contraband, and narcotics smuggling, and other criminal acts and violations of CBP-related and related laws.
  • The incumbent is responsible for analyzing soft copy Imagery data and producing products in accordance with the Tasking, Collection, Production, Exploitation, and Dissemination (TCPED) process, which supports CBP analytical intelligence needs.
  • Accesses National and Commercial imagery libraries for required soft copy imagery. Integrates and fuses all-source multi-sensor data when required. Applies an extensive knowledge of intelligence, imagery analysis, and research, data base management methodologies to monitor border regions and support operational monitoring of issues that threaten border security. Prepares a variety of soft copy imagery products to meet project requirements and publishes products to appropriate imagery databases.
  • Provides guidance on imagery techniques and data base management methodologies used in imagery analysis and production. Presents imagery intelligence positions within the intelligence, planning, and operational communities.
  • Exploits synthetic aperture radar data and provides annotated products for Ground Moving Target Indicators (GMTI), dismounted target indicators and spot imagery. Exploits Full Motion Video imagery collected by Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) sensors and provides hands-on analysis, producing intelligence on a broad range of issues in support of CBP and OHS national security programs, goals, and objectives.
  • Performs tasks related to electro-optical, infra-red, and synthetic aperture radar systems, ISR capabilities and limitations, and analytic lead for collection and collection management functions with primary interface with the collection managers.
  • Manages, conducts, and coordinates imagery research and analysis of current and historical imagery in response to internal and external intelligence requirements including imagery from National Technical Means, air breathers, Full Motion Video, or civil/commercial sensors.
  • Produces standard and non-standard imagery products, such as motion imagery summary reports and tailored mission-specific products.
  • Delivers products and participates in operational planning in support of CBP components, joint, or other mission requirements. Compiles/archives products utilizing GEOINT Enterprise TCPED Services (GETS) and GXP Xplorer in accordance with organizational standards.
  • Conducts research and develops special all source imagery-based products in support of tactical, operational, or strategic customers and stakeholders.
  • Prepares and conducts briefings for executive audiences, professional organizations, conferences, and civic groups as required
Qualifications required:
  1. Fosters a positive working environment, encouraging productive work flow and outcomes within the Division, and coordinates with other organization managers and customers as appropriate. Establishes metrics to ensure actions are timely and reviewed at critical points; and accepts, amends, or rejects work presented by subordinates.
  2. Broad knowledge of federal laws, regulations and CBP guidelines when determining if key
    assessments could be supported by current laws and regulations.
  3. Expert knowledge of CBP OI homeland security intelligence mission and the role of both raw
    and finished intelligence
Please read the following important information to ensure we have everything we need to consider your application:
It is your responsibility to ensure that you submit appropriate documentation prior to the closing date. Your resume serves as the basis for qualification determinations and must highlight your most relevant and significant experience as it relates to this Joint Duty assignment opportunity announcement.

Be clear and specific when describing your work history since human resources cannot make assumptions regarding your experience. Your application will be rated based on your resume.

Please ensure EACH work history includes ALL of the following information:
  1. Job Title (Include series and grade of Federal Job)
  2. Duties (Be specific in describing your duties)
  3. Name of Federal agency
  4. Supervisor name, email, and phone number
  5. Start and end dates including month and year (e.g. June 2007 to April 2008)

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